James McCullough, “Mac” to the folks here, has been in some way or another connected to OSUIT for over 35 years. First as a student and graduate in Graphic Design in 1978, to coming back here to teach as an adjunct and then full time in late 1984. He’s been planting seeds ever since. For the last year or so he has taken on the role of Division Chair for the Visual Communications Division.

Trained as a graphic designer, in advertising and illustration, Mac has worked for agencies, design firms and corporations from Chicago and Milwaukee to Dallas and Houston, and most every city in-between. Be it single designs, small illustrations, cover illustrations or book series, James has continued to work on a steady basis.

   He enjoys bringing understanding of that skill set to the classroom. The last several years the work has grown…bigger…larger…huge! Maybe it’s just better fertilizer, but he’s now doing large scale murals that are going into churches and youth outlets all over the country.

With his 2 daughters and lovely wife, Mac also maintains a full-time ranching operation with longhorn cattle and Suffolk sheep….if that’s not a man outstanding in his field…we don’t know what is!